Harlem’s Premiere Performing Arts Center

The Division of Government, Community & Cultural Affairs is proud to announce the launch of The City College Center for the Arts. The Center will serve as a cultural hub that builds a sense of community both within the school and its surrounding neighborhood, while inspiring creativity and diversity. It will also provide a premier venue for local and national performers and for art patrons in the tri-state area. Aaron Davis Hall, now under the auspices of The City College Center for the Arts, is the focal point of this creative revitalization.

Upcoming Events & Performances

NYT TimesTalks with Hart & Haddish Thurs., Sept. 20th Aaron Davis Hall

MG DanceArts Amass Friday, October 26th Aaron Davis Hall

Descendants Concert Friday, November 2nd Aaron Davis Hall

Jazz Conceptions in Classical Arabic Friday, November 16 Aaron Davis Hall