Leasing Rate Sheet

The City College of New York’s Aaron Davis Hall

Leasing Rate Sheet

 CCCA_ADH Leasing Rate Sheet 


Basic Use Fee (Non-Profit Organization only)

Marian Anderson Theater                                                   $2,500

Theater B                                                                                $2,000

Basic Use Fee Includes:

  • Usage of theater for up to 8 hours a day between the hours of 8am – 10pm
  • Access to basic house sound system
  • Access to basic house repertory lighting
  • Access to available dressing rooms


Hourly Use Rate – Hourly rate is used for rehearsals and special events not requiring a full technical crew and public audience.  Minimum of 4-hours required.

Marian Anderson Theater                                                      $400/hour

Theater B                                                                                $300/hour

Studio C                                                                                   $200/hour

Hourly Use Rate Includes:

  • Usage of theater between the hours of 8am – 10pm
  • Access to house lighting only


Production Crew & House Staff

Production Crew (lighting, sound, deck)                          Call for hourly rate

House Manager                                                                      Call for hourly rate

Usher Staff                                                                              Call for hourly rate


Minimum house staffing for public events:

  • 1 House Manager
  • 1 Production Crew member(Production crew determined on a per event basis)
  • 4 Ushers for Marian Anderson Orchestra
  • 2 Ushers for Marian Anderson Mezzanine and Balcony
  • 4 Usher for Theater B

4 hour minimum call applied for all Aaron Davis Hall staff, unless otherwise noted.

Overtime rate applied after 8th hour & on City College recognized holidays.

Double-time charges apply between the hours of 11 pm and 8am at a pro-rated ¼ of the hour.


Other Production Services Available (additional cost for some of these services)

  • Premium Sound Service                                            Average cost $5,000
  • Video Projection                                                         $150
  • Steinway & Sons 10’ Grand Piano                           $200
  • Piano Tuner                                                                 $200
  • Orchestra Chairs and Stands                                   $200 plus labor
  • Band Risers                                                                 included
  • Orchestra Shell                                                           $300
  • Orchestra Pit                                                               $5,000



Custodian                                                                              Call for hourly rate

Minimum 2 custodians needed for events in the Marian Anderson Theater and events requiring catering services.

Minimum 1 custodian for all other events.


Safety / Security Services

Security Officer                                                                       Call for hourly rate

Minimum 2 officers needed for all events. 


Ticketing & Box Office Services                                 $500 / event


  • Ticket Printing setup
  • Database setup
  • Access to Ticket Sales Reports
  • 24 hour online ticket sales

The box office is open Monday – Friday 12pm – 6pm and 2 hours before show-time.

All credit card orders are subject to an 8% fee per transaction

Administrative Fee:  Each project will incur an Administrative Fee of 15% of total cost of the project.


Also Required:

  • A Certificate of Insurance for all events. (See CCNY Insurance Requirements for more information)
  • A Deposit in the amount of ½ of the estimated total Leasing Fee is required to hold a date. (See Leasing Agreement for details on cancellation and refunds)


For more information or available dates please contact Gregory Shanck at (212) 650-5362