Durgesh Gangani Monday, Nov. 4th Compton Goethals Hall



City College Center for the Arts

in partnership with

Battery Dance


Durgesh Gangani Dance


Monday, November 4, 2019

6:00 pm

Compton Goethals Hall / Studio Theatre 318 (3rd Floor) / West 140th Street & Amsterdam Avenue



Durgesh Gangani, the youngest dancer ever to receive India’s Yuva Bismallah Khan Award for artistic excellence, will present a concert of Kathak dance with live musical accompaniment by Dibyarka Chatterjee on tabla and Rohan Misra on sarangi. 

North Indian Kathak, one of India’s distinctive classical dance forms, is a rare amalgam of both Hindu and Muslim cultures.  It was practiced in the Mughal Palaces and also in Hindu Temples. Kathak dancers tell various stories through their hand movements and facial expressions and play out rhythmic patterns with their remarkable footwork. Durgesh Gangani will build and blend a narrative that will invite uninitiated audiences into the world he interprets, weaving the audience into the fabric as it builds, allowing them to walk away with a better understanding of Kathak dance and the place of dance as a story-telling tool. 


Dibyarka Chatterjee is the son and disciple of Pandit Samir Chatterjee, and as such represents the Farrukhabad Gharana of tabla playing. Dibyarka has had the honor and privilege of performing with maestros like Pandit Jasraj, Pdt. Budhhadev DasGupta, Pta. Lakshmi Shankar, Utd. Shujaat Khan to name only a few.?

Rohan Misra is a promising young musician, specializing in the unique Indian bowed instrument called the Sarangi (translation: An instrument with a hundred colors). As the son and disciple of great Sarangi virtuoso Pandit Ramesh Misra, Rohan has inherited many of his father-Guru’s specialties, including tonal quality and aesthetic approach.?

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